Curiosity Saved the Writer

By: Tia Love

A writer is a curious soul by nature. We are always looking at the world through the eyes of one who has the soul of an infinite child. My entire day is filled with questions from the moment I wake up and glance out my window to the time I lay down and review my entire day.

Why are my son’s toes so small? 

Do birds have ears? If so, where are they?

What happens to the leaves after they fall from the tree? 

Why did the dish run away with the spoon? Furthermore, why didn’t the spoon run away with the fork?

What determines a persons dexterity?

Questions like these, and others, spark debates and conversation, but they also light the fire of debate within. If you can capture what originally snagged your curiosity and put your awe and wonder into words for others to read, you’re on your way to becoming a great writer.

I read the transcript of a commencement speech Steve Jobs gave, titled “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” In it, he encourages students to go wherever their passion in life may lead them; paying no mind to the doubts and objections from those who may never see your vision. Following that line of thinking, I urge you to keep your eyes open and go wherever your curiosity leads you. Take it all in with your eyes, heart, and mind and of course, DO NOT forget your notebook.

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