The August Rose Press Campaign for Unconventional & Minority Authors

Our small publishing house wants to bring very talented authors to bookshelves near you.

Our authors need support and you can help!


At August Rose Press, we love to read and write. We also want to publish authors who take reading and writing seriously. We have found some great authors simply do not have a traditionally accepted market for their work. We have also found that not every author (especially from minority groups) fits into Urban Literature or other mainstream categories.We want to change that. We offer the opportunity for authors to express themselves without being pigeon-holed into strict categories.

We review manuscripts for style, clarity, content, and storytelling. All authors are welcome to submit their work. We do not accept manuscripts that focus solely on erotic content. Our goal is to bring “new classics” to the marketplace that have underlying themes that are grounded firmly in the American Experience. Since the United States is a uniquely diverse place, we know that many kinds of fiction and non-fiction can fall under this umbrella. This is why we take the time to evaluate every manuscript we receive on an individual basis.

After review of a manuscript, an author is offered a contract to be published under August Rose Press. We do not accept authors that have not been previously reviewed by us, and authors cannot pay us to be their publisher.

What we provide authors with:

  • Supervision over the editorial process and revisions to their work
  • A customized marketing plan that is suited for their project
  • Execution of the marketing plan, paid for by August Rose Press

You can learn more about our campaign here. Please spread the word!

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