This Story is About YOU.

You. Me. Us. We. Them.

The human connection is such a delicate thing. It turns the word “them” into the word “us”. It turns the term “me” into “we”. People all go through the same basic experiences: birth, love, friendship, trust, death. People all experience happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, and hopelessness.

We all have moments of strength and moments of weakness. Moments where we can stand alone and ones where we must stand together. Whether it is triumph or tragedy, remembering how similar we are is the key to that connection.

This is a story about love after loss. This is a story about standing up for right against wrong. This is a story about reaching out to others in a time of need. This is a story about finding hope in what seems like absolute despair.

This is a story about You, Me and Us.

Somewhat Close To Normal is Our Story.

Watch the trailer here.

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