What I Learned at IBPA’s Publishing University – Part III of III

By: Ebonye Gussine Wilkins

“The Struggle Is Real”

This is a phrase that I hear a lot lately. It is usually used in a light-hearted way, when people want to mention something that they have found to be annoying or problematic.

Here is what I’ve learned about publishing: the struggle is real. Really real.

Whether you are an indie writer, or a traditionally published author, the challenge is always there to stay relevant, write or produce more content, and connect with your audience.

No one, absolutely no one has an easy time in publishing. It doesn’t matter if you work for one of the big five publishing companies, or if you are an indie author with a small specific audience.

It takes time, patience, energy and perseverance to gain the following:

  • An Audience
  • Brand Recognition
  • Community

No one is an overnight success. Even the biggest names in publishing were rejected by somebody somewhere. Even the writers you have heard of for decades had to work tirelessly to get where they are.

So do not give up. If you are open to learning and dedicate yourself to your work (and all the parts that come with it, not just the parts of it that you like) then you are more likely to be satisfied with your choice to be in this field.

What are your current struggles? Is it with writing? Distribution? Finding and audience? Building a following? Navigating social media? Let us know in the comments.

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