Getting Noticed As a Writer

By: Tia Love

Question: How do you get noticed as a writer?

Can I ask a question before I give an answer?

Why do you want to be noticed? Are you creating something that can one day be viewed as a timeless classic—read among people from all walks of life? Is your content meant to inspire or change lives? Or do you write because you love it? Has turning words into perspectives literally kept your heart pumping blood through your artistic veins all these years?

If you’re like me, it’s a combination of them all.

Your reason for writing will largely determine the path you have to take to get noticed. Whatever your writing consists of (spirituality, sports, opinions, etc), you have to connect with other people in that field that have both field experience and access to platforms that you can use. Find bloggers and websites that publish the type of content you produce. Submit your work to these sites. Nine times out of ten you won’t get paid for it, but the more you do this, the more your audience grows. Besides, we’ve already covered that it’s about more than the money.

The biggest and best step that I think you can take is to carve out your own spot on the internet for sharing all your work. I recently read a book that I think every artist, writer, photographer, or creative type should read. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon gives some of the best advice where this is concerned. Kleon advises every creative individual to purchase a domain name, using their writer’s name. For example, my name is Tia Love, I just purchased the domain name (Nothing is there yet so don’t click the link). After purchasing the domain, you set up a small blog or site using any hosting site you choose (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly, etc.) and this is where you show your work. Post snippets of things you’re working on, show pictures of your notes, and whatever else is appropriate. Get people involved with your writing process, and let them get to know not only the products of your talent, but the person behind it. That will help you build a following.

What are some techniques you have used to get yourself noticed as a writer and get your work out there?  

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