Day 1/31- Your Character’s Relationship With Their Parents

By: Tia Love

Question: Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both.  Was it good?  Bad?  Were they spoiled rotten? Ignored? Do they still get along now or not?

My protagonist is Celeste Taylor.

Celeste Taylor was an only child. Born to a confused but determined teenage mother, and an adult father that never wanted her, Celeste felt splintered by her parents from the beginning. Despite her mother’s young age of 16, she never slacked as a providing parent. With the odds against her, she worked hard, went to school, and worked multiple jobs to negate the stereotypes of a teenage mother. Since her mother was doing everything in her power to make sure Celeste was taken care of, it didn’t leave her with much room or energy to give Celeste the one thing she desired most: love and affection.

For Celeste, all of her mother’s hard work kept them apart, and as Celeste grew into her teens, she began to resent her mother. They never made the types of connections between mother and daughter that mattered; they never really took the time to get to know each other past the surface.  Despite their lack of an emotional relationship, Celeste grew into young-adulthood the same way her mother did when she was Celeste’s age. They share the same body type, the same flawless beauty, and the same innocent mentality that attracts the men that prey. Her mother noticed this, and tried to lock Harmonii down with strict rules and punishments, which only served to only push Harmonii further away.

Ultimately, this pushed Celeste into the arms of the man that would eventually become her downfall. . .

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