Day 2/31- Character’s Physical Features

By: Tia Love

Question: What are your characters most prominent physical features?

Dark eyes.

The kind that stare into your eyes, reach down to the part of your soul you keep locked away and really KNOW YOU. Eyes that read you in a moment’s glance, but also eyes that you can’t read no matter how long you stare into them. Their every look spells out a wisdom and understanding that only the beaten and downtrodden can comprehend. Celeste is a beautiful woman in every sense of the word, and when anyone is in her presence, they can’t deny it. She is shapely, as a woman should be, with butter-smooth skin. Even still, her dark, curious eyes are what captivate men the most.

Her eyes don’t trick people into a false sense of security that’s felt when dealing with a person of a certain level of innocence and naiveté; no, Celeste has “know-it-all yet tell nothing eyes.” It is for this reason that very few men find it hard to look her directly in the eye and hold contact. Those that do find those twinkling dark orbs haunting their dreams while taunting their waking moments, wondering when  such a piercing and exotic gaze will be trained on them again.

“Forget me not…” They seem to say.

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