Day 3/31- Scars

By: Tia Love

Question: Name one scar your character has and tell us where it came from.

When Celeste first started hanging around William, and before she knew his true intentions to pimp her, there would always be a group of older women on his block that made her feel unwelcome. From funny looks to offhanded and offensive remarks, these women held no punches.

Celeste, saying nothing and giving them nothing to work with, only made the women more vicious. When she comes out as William’s rising young star, better known as his bottom b****, she is making him a lot of money and he is taking better care of her than his other women. One evening, as Celeste is walking home from a night out on the town, a rival known as Cherri forces her into a brawl. They rumble un-apologetically as William watches quietly from his house. Just as Celeste begins to think she has won and is walking away from a bruised Cherri, Cherri swings a glass bottle from behind and it breaks it on Celeste’s face. This opens several wounds, all of which require stitches. They all heal properly except for one, leaving a small dark scar near her right ear.

Usually she just covers it up with her hair or concealer. After William dies and she begins to walk on her own two feet, she shows the scar more often, viewing it as apart of who she is and wanting it to be accepted as such.

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