Coming the Summer of 2015: Bobbing and Weaving the Novel

By: Ebonye Gussine Wilkins

Bobbing and Weaving is a new novel set in a hair salon in New York City. Holly, the owner of the stop is struggling to keep the shop open while still maintaining a space that is safe and inclusive. Natural hair, identity, and self-imposed perceptions and biases are at the center of this work. The novel explores several questions:

Why is everyone so obsessed with what everyone else is?

What can we really learn about each other and ourselves when we learn about a person?

Why is it so easy to judge others based on what they look like?

You can read an excerpt, ask questions, learn about the novel and show your support on our Pubslush campaign. Ten percent of all successfully raised funds will benefit literacy via the Pubslush Foundation.

The campaign starts on 9/11/2014.

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