What Goes Through Your Mind During Writer’s Block?

By: Ebonye Gussine Wilkins

Writer’s block is something that almost everyone goes through, whether they are a writer or not. It is hard enough to continue when you don’t know why you’ve stopped writing, so let’s work on figuring out why we might get writer’s block.


Do you think that you wrote yourself into a corner by being inconsistent?
Are you worried that what you wrote isn’t good/compelling/fancy/deep/creative enough?
Do you want every sentence to be masterfully crafted as you go along?
Are you not in the mood to write?
Do you feel like your creative juices just aren’t ready yet?
Do you not have a plan for writing?

Be honest with yourself, what is really stopping you from writing? It can’t be the fact that you don’t have ideas about what to write. If you are a writer, you always have a ton of ideas for things to write. Stories for today and novels for tomorrow. Sometimes, we put up roadblocks where none exist.

Don’t worry about making every word and chapter perfect. That’s what developmental and copyeditors are for. I find that it’s better to keep writing until you are done. You can always do as many revisions as necessary when you are finished.

What causes your writer’s block?

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