Movember is Also National Novel Writing Month

By: Aryanne Ferguson

I know National Novel Writing Month is more than halfway over. I’m miserably late in asking, but are you participating this year, Reader? I’m on a collaboration kick, so I was impressed when I discovered that there’s a website that allows you to work with other writers:

The website is divided into regions, so look up your region and you can connect with your fellow brethren online or in person. Every day, someone in your area is probably hosting a “write-in” where you can meet local writers and share the thrills of churning out 50,000 words in a month.

Now I’ve never been able to write anything worth a dime in public places, and I hate lugging my laptop around, but this could be worth it! Next year I’ll have to dare myself into participating in National Novel Writing Month.

Have you ever participated, Reader? If so, were you happy with the work that you produced?

November is quite the month. If I was a dude, I’d grow a mustache and be all over Movember too!



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