Wait…What? – John Steinbeck Walks Into a Starbucks

By: Aryanne Ferguson

Every so often I come across truly fun literary websites. When I read this article about a Literary Starbucks tumblr page, created by three college students, I knew I had to share.  The premise is that your favorite author walks into a Starbucks and places an order. Confession – I don’t even drink coffee anymore, but this blog is the most creative thing I’ve seen all day!

Borrowed from: http://timedotcom.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/john-steinbeck.jpeg?w=814
You want how much for a cup of coffee?

Check out the tumblr here. What I like about this tumblr is not just the fact that I got to read about John Steinbeck walking into a Starbucks, but the fact that this page is a collaboration between three friends. It’s not often that writers collaborate to publish fiction/poetry—writing is so solitary!

Yes, authors have editors and people who support them during the writing process, but I don’t come across many works of fiction with two authors. We’ve probably all shared our work at writing workshops or with fellow writers, but have you ever actually written something together? I enjoy this tumblr because of that sense of collaboration, of being able to bounce your ideas off a person who is as equally invested in the work as you.

So, Reader, have you ever collaborated on a work of fiction with another writer? Would you ever consider such a collaboration, and do you think it’s worth the effort to try?

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