Destination Writing: Take Me On a Writer’s Retreat

By: Aryanne Ferguson

Have you ever been on a writer’s retreat? You’ve probably heard of destination weddings, well a retreat is destination writing. I like the idea of taking a trip to finish my novel or essay collection or even to start something new. I’ve been on retreats meant to draw members of an organization together, and on retreats for work meant to facilitate collaboration among coworkers. Those short trips accomplished their goals because in an unfamiliar place, we were forced to lean on each other. Why not take a retreat with your writing? A couple months ago, I finished a travel book describing a man’s solo journey by train from Boston to southern Argentina in the 1970s. His whole trip was a writing retreat!

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If you decide a writer’s retreat is worth considering, ask yourself what you’re retreating from. In my case, mainly the Internet. I use the computer 40 hours a week at work, so the last thing I want to do when I come home is turn on the computer to write. So why do I waste energy by fooling around with the Internet first? On my writer’s retreat, I’d have no internet access, plenty of food, and access to people-watching when I need a break.

Reader, what would your ideal writer’s retreat (on your current budget) entail and why? Do you think a retreat is a worthwhile way to spend your time and money?