Happy New Year, and New Changes to the August Rose Press Blog

Happy New Year to All of You!

I hope that all of you have had great writing goals achieved for 2016! If not, that’s okay, this year is another opportunity to make your writing and publishing goals happen! This year, there are a lot of changes happening at August Rose Press (so stay tuned), and our blogging schedule will change.

For 2017, there will be a weekly post on Thursdays, just in time for you to reflect on your weekend writing goals. Of course, in an ideal world, we should each by writing every day. I encourage you to set writing goals that make sense for your schedule and lifestyle. This is the year of trusting yourself and doing what works for you. Don’t become preoccupied with what other writers are doing (or not doing). They have their paths and you have yours. You do what you need to do each day to stay in motion.

I believe in starting the year off slowly and with intention, so while I encourage you to write, I want you to take some time to explore what helps you write best. Perhaps there is a productivity tool that allows you to block out distractions. Maybe there is a writing partner that you have accountability check-ins with. Maybe you need that special planner and your favorite cup of coffee before you can settle in for your writing. Whatever that thing is, find it and make sure that you have it ready for next week.

If you feel like it is too hard to write a lot at a time, just try focusing on 150 words per day. It’s really not that much, and just like anything else, it will get easier with practice. If you’re sort of mid-way in your writing journey, but still need some help, then maybe 500 words per day will suit you best. If you’re someone who likes to write a lot more and revise later, then perhaps set a goal of 750 words per day. It doesn’t matter as much how much you write, but that you practice every day. Just go with it, and trust yourself.

Here at August Rose Press, we’re wishing you a productive year, whether you write fiction or non-fiction.

Now get to writing!

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